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Baby hands and feet casting


Baby hand and feet casting service

Baby hands and feet casting kit is a method of keeping the best memories that parents give their babies in this progressive era like today. This method of keeping memories has only recently been interested in Vietnam.


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Casting the baby's hands and feet is also a kind of "Unique" service that helps parents to save the sacred and meaningful image of their child's hands and feet in the first days of life. The statues after casting are also decorated and framed with glass frames to create a unique casting frame, a unique feature for the family.

The nice little hands and feet casting frame with life-size will become a priceless gift that parents give to their children when growing up ... it is almost a wonderful memory about the childhood of a generation.


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Come to Impressions's baby hands and feet casting frame, please rest assured:

✓ High quality products using American technology

✓ The material that our company uses is imported 100% from the US and Australia to ensure safety, non-toxic, no skin irritation.

✓ Picture frames imported from the US are of high quality, diverse in designs and extremely durable

✓ Professional staffs are dedicated to serving customers

✓ Attractive price, home service.

✓ Products made to be real and shimmering promises to occupy your heart.

In general, baby hands and feet casting frame is a new trend to save the most interesting and meaningful love that parents give to their children today.

Come with us to "Save moments of love, save time in your own way"

If you would like to advise on framing cast, please contact:

IMPRESSIONS Sculptures Company Limited

  • Showroom 1: 458 Minh Khai P.Vinh Tuy Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
  • Showroom 2: 57, 232 Cao Lo Street - District 8 - HCM

»Phone: 0907 255 688 (Ms. Phuong)


Free shipping for customers in Ho Chi Minh.

IMPRESSIONS, with a team of highly skilled international-trained staff, together with American and Australian framing communities, promises to create a unique and extremely authentic statue painting product.

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