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Belly casting


Belly casting frame service


3D casting frame was one of the hot services in the Vietnamese market in the past few years. This service has been appeared for a long time and became popularly in Western countries. The casting frame are now getting more and more attention in Vietnam from baby hand and feet casting frame; baby bum casting frame, belly casting frame to  the lover's hand, ...

Carrying in a sacred human life that is the most wonderful goddess of women. That is also an extremely sacred and noble thing for mothers. Therefore, most pregnant mothers today still want to be able to save the moments and images during pregnancy. Depending on the preferences and needs of each person, each mother chooses different ways. For example, taking a photo of each process, or framing belly cast to save the happy moments in life.

“With mom, every moment of baby bump progression  is my mother's effort to overcome the process of pregnancy. It is also the love, the feeling of each stage of growth’s baby,  the feeling, the hope, the waiting for each day to hear a cry of baby. "

So belly casting frame is the trend to keep the new moments of modern pregnant mothers. According to the recent research, there are many pregnant woman willing to spend up to tens of millions of VND to be able to save those sacred imprints, the sizes of the abdomen under the periods of development.




Belly casting frame after completion


And framing belly cast is currently one of the top choices for mothers today. However, the market today has very few units that make statues like this. Moreover, finding an implementing unit meets requirements such as: technical safety; medical requirements;… and most importantly, beauty is not easy.

With commonly used and safe materials such as plaster, wax, stone powder (materials imported from abroad), our casting frame samples are all qualified and guaranteed products, safe for everyone's health.

When directly contacting the company, customers will be consulted by enthusiastic staff. We will come directly to your home to make molds, take impressions so there is no need for pregnant mothers to come the shop by themselves.

In the process of taking impressions, we will use gypsum cloth for molds, gypsum scissors, pads, tubes, water containers to dip the plaster fabric. Pregnant mothers just need to lie still in place for a certain period of time so that the staff can get the most accurate abdominal measurements.

After the measurement is completed, we will carry out the implementation at the company and complete it within 2 to 3 days. Customers can be completely assured because all the abdominal molds after being measured are marked with the customer's signature, no need to worry about mistakes !.

With the casting frame for pregnant mothers that we make, pregnant mothers will easily save wonderful images during pregnancy. Capture moments of affection, love, and bring spiritual bonds to the whole family.


Come to Impressions's family casting frame, please rest assured:

✓ High quality products using American technology

✓ The material that our company uses is imported 100% from the US and Australia to ensure safety, non-toxic, no skin irritation.

✓ Picture frames imported from the US are of high quality, diverse in designs and extremely durable

✓ Professional staffs are dedicated to serving customers

✓ Attractive price, home service.

✓ Products made to be real and shimmering promises to occupy your heart.

Come with us to "Save moments of love, save time in your own way"

If you would like to advise on framing cast, please contact:

IMPRESSIONS Sculptures Company Limited

  • Showroom 1: 458 Minh Khai P.Vinh Tuy Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
  • Showroom 2: 57, 232 Cao Lo Street - District 8 - HCM

»Phone: 0907 255 688 (Ms. Phuong)


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